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The company

Sesame is a software tool for businesses that turns human resources time management into an easy task through timetable control.

This comprehensive system for timing control is available for web and mobile. Sesame can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play.

The initiative arises spontaneously from Artvisual, an agency specialized in Digital Media, which was already working with a time control system, and saw the need to update its use and functionalitiy.

That’s how the development of this application begins: from a need to evolve from the traditional time control systems.

This is how

Started in january 2015 in Spain, and with a clear international orientation, Sesame aims at contributing to the digitalization of businesses, by facilitating the human resources management.

Company facts
  • 374

    registered employees

  • 130

    registered businesses

  • 151

    Mobile APP users

  • Albert Soriano
    Albert Soriano
    CEO and Founder

    Albert Soriano, CEO and Founder: Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. Serial entrepreneur, founder of several companies related to Digital Communication, among which Artvisual, Summonpress and Trivium Communication.

  • Majo Castillo
    Majo Castillo

    Project Coordinator

    Degree in Journalism, with over 10 years experience in radio broadcasting, team coordination and program conduction. Since 2013, she has been working in digital marketing and online content creation.

  • Guillermo Terrasa
    Guillermo Terrasa


    Technical Computer Management Engineer and developer since 2005, Guillermo has been active on the development and management of digital projects, also in the mobile field.

  • Nacho Reig
    Nacho Reig

    Product manager

    Degree in Business (UV), Masters in multiplatform applications, and Masters in Digital Marketing (TAGO Training), Nacho has worked as a programmer inside Artvisual, and has been linked to the world of HR since 2005.

  • Paula Mármol
    Paula Mármol


    Degree in Fine Arts (UPV), she has been developing for two years in the field of web design, working as Front-end and web designer in Artvisual Digital Communication.

Media Resources

Media Resources

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  • Sesame: Track your time at work
    Sesame: Track your time at work
Media Resources

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Brand name
  • We are Sesame

    Y Sesame viene de "Sesame, open you", por lo que lo pronunciamos como si fuese esdrújula: "Sésame"

Brand & Logo guidelines
Brand Assets
Our favourite colours
  • #7998BF

  • #F84854

  • #293033

  • #edeff1

Our typography

sesame mola

Our typography is Lily Script One, the one we use in our logo and in some cool headlinse

Lily Script One on Google Fonts

We love time

We use the font Open Sans as our main typography, both on web and print

Open Sans on Google Fonts