How long it takes to install an app

is the time you need to have your Human Resources system ready to use
  • No necesita inversión

    Any company or work team, despite of its size, can have a complete system for time control without a big investment. Far from being a hardware or a machine you need to buy and set up, the Sesame app is an affordable solution, it can be up and running in no time.

Puedes pedir vacaciones
  • Sesame has not been designed to help a company to manage work hours. Sesame mobile is a useful tool for employees and work teams. Using the mobile app they will be able to:

    1. Get to know their hours worked and productivity.
    2. Manage eventual check in and out  incidents.
    3. Manage holidays.
  • Seguridad en la nube

    Sesame is connected to wifi and doesn’t need a specific server to be installed.

    All the information is saved in the Cloud so the access is possible from every device.

  • Control de Recursos Humanos

    Sesame is very helpful for every Human Resources manager. By accessing  the control panel is possible to:

    1. Access to statistics and reports.
    2. Manage holidays requests.
    3. Solve eventual check in and out  incidents.
    4. Comunicate with employees right to their phones through the messaging system.