• Publicado el 6 May, 2016

    Sesame te ayuda a ser un ‘jefe de Champions’


    En el spot los empleados tienden una trampa a varios directivos españoles, invitándoles a una falsa entrega de premios a ‘Directivos del Año’, para que salgan de la oficina y poder disfrutar del partido.
    Se acabaron las mentiras piadosas, las excusas para salir antes del trabajo y poder tener vida social. Sesame te permite flexibilidad horaria y muchas cosas más.

  • Publicado el 7 December, 2015

    A bit about investing and coworking in New York


    Diving into the startup scene in New York, this week I attended an event organized by Startup Grind NYC that featured Ulrich Quay, director of the investment fund BMW i Ventures. About 50 people came to hear the lines and investment criteria of the fund, but also to exchange cards […]

  • Publicado el 3 December, 2015

    Sesame: A startup in New York


    They say there are opportunities that come only once in a lifetime. Those weird confluencies of destiny tend to show up in the most unexpected ways. As if the excitement was not enough, those opportunities require a quick decision, because their magic lies on the fact that you do not […]

  • Sesame Publicado el 19 November, 2015

    We just turned 10 months old, and we’re ready for the future


    It’s been 10 months since we decided to launch Sesame. We first did it among freelancer friends and small companies, we asked them to use our brand new time management software at work. Our goal was to learn from them and improve the product we had designed. After that the […]

  • Publicado el 22 October, 2015

    “We want Sesame to integrate with other complementary tools”


    A few weeks ago we introduced you to Nacho and Marta from the Product and Customer Care departments of Sesame. Well, today is the turn for Guille, the responsible brain for making sure the entire technical part of Sesame works perfectly. A big responsibility?  You are the CTO of Sesame, […]

  • Geolocation Publicado el 14 October, 2015

    Where do you work from?


    The Sesame Wall service is perfect for the office, but what if there is no office? What if workers are constantly moving? To solve this, we have the geolocation service! It is useful to sign in from a point other than a permanent one, from a mobile device, or to […]

  • Publicado el 7 October, 2015

    “Sesame grows everyday thanks to the user experience”


    Today we interview Nacho Reig and Marta Lens, who are in charge of the Product area and Customer Service. The best way to get to know a company is through the people who work in it, or in this case, through those who answer to the needs and questions of each customer, […]

  • Publicado el 3 September, 2015

    Time control in a newspaper?


    Can you imagine how time control system works in a newsroom? We spoke with Angélique Bergé, Business Developer Manager of newspaper El Ibérico to tell us why they installed Sesame and how the continued use of this time management software has changed the way they work – Why the need […]

  • Sesame Summer Publicado el 20 July, 2015

    With Sesame, long live teleworking!


    With all the heat waves we are going through, going to the office in the summer is less than desirable. So the same question pops in our heads: why not work from home? The problem is that many companies are reluctant to teleworking policies because they are unsure whether their […]

  • Publicado el 5 July, 2015

    Discover Sesame with our new demo


    We start the week with a boost of energy! June is over, together with the objectives we had set for the month to improve our signings system. Now comes July with many hot days, but also with new challenges we want to accomplish in the coming months, always thinking about […]