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Sesame is especially useful in flexitime companies, where each person have freedom to choose work timetable.

Sesame’s promotes a “self control” philosophy. Each person knows their work hours and can manage them easily with Sesame.

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Sesame Mobile

Each coworker can geolocate every check-in and check-out of the office, take work hours into account and verify which coworkers are active. With Sesame Mobile managing the holidays is also very easy!

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Sesame Wall

Sesame Wall

For modern companies that understand the importance of having an hour control without an additional effort.


Sesame TV

Sesame TV displays on any screen who is in the office or who just left it.


Sesame Mobile, Sesame Wall and Sesame TV

are fully synchronized
  • Manage your work hours
  • Synchronize you devices
  • See your week work
  • Share information
  • Check who is working in real time
  • Receive notices and notifications
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Sesame is a free app

Sesame is a free app. There is no use licence. Some features are premium.

Sesame vs traditional systems for assistance control