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What I like the most about Sesame Time is the way I can manage my employees holidays.
Angélique Bergé El Ibérico

You just need a tablet

Any company or work team, despite of its size, can have a complete system for time control without a big investment.

Far from being a hardware. or a machine you need to buy and set up, the Seame app is a mobile solution that will help you to adapt your company to a new work context.


  • Multidevice presence control system
  • Geolocated checks
  • Quick management of incidents
  • Without installation
  • Export csv
  • Quadrant display


Save time and unnecessary formalities. Motivate your workers by helping them to manage their schedules. Implement flexibilityin your company and simplify human resources management.

El control de horarios que se adapta a la ley de trabajo

Registra la jornada de tus empleados. Obtén hojas de asistencia adaptadas a la normativa de la inspección de trabajo y genera plantillas de horas que incluyen las entradas, salidas y horas extraordinarias realizadas

Sobre inspección de trabajo

Flexibility of working time patterns

Freedom needs a monitoring system. Sesame is your strongest ally for companies with innovative management systems.

Discover the Task Manager


Company’s metrics right at your fingertips

  • Employee and department activity
  • Average hourly wage
  • Comparative grafics
  • Holiday calendar
  • Geolocated checks


Enjoy the simplicity of a synchronized system

  • Holiday request

    The employees can request free days right from their smartphone.

  • Manage holiday requests

    By accessing the control panel it is possible to accept or refuse the holidays requests.

  • Message system

    Comunicate with employees right to their phones through a message system.


Your tablet can be a complete access point to register employee’s ins and outs

  • Just a tablet

    A complete system for hour control without a big investment.

  • Conexion

    Even if the connection is lost, the unit will attempt to rejoin the network automatically.

  • Functioning

    It works even with power interruptions.


View and manage your work schedules from your mobile

  • Commitment

    Improves workers commitment

  • Wellbeing

    Increases user satisfaction, raises productivity and reduces absenteeism

  • Availability

    Shows the availability of your employees on real time

  • Incidences

    Manage eventual check in and out incidents

  • Time control

    Avoid potential frictions by tracking work time

  • Geolocation

    Differenciate your working hours made inside or outside the office by geolocating your checks

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